Our Offering

What We Offer

We are taking orders on beef year round! We’re also adding pork to our offering. It will be ready in March/April. Reserve your beef and pork today. We offer free delivery on a 1/4 beef or more and half or whole hog anywhere in the state of Missouri. Yep, anywhere. We refuse to let price deter you from buying local. All prices include processing and delivery! It’s extremely good quality freezer beef and pork, absolutely guaranteed. Don’t like it, we will pick it up and refund you for the unused portion.

Your Beef Options

1/16 Beef @ $200: Who offers this? Very few, but we do. Don’t have a big freezer but want local beef? It’s roughly 30 pounds.

1/8 Beef @ $375: Want more? Again, not much freezer space required but fresh beef for the family. It’s roughly 60 pounds.

1/4 Beef @ $700: A family of four specialty for half the year. You’ll receive roughly 115 pounds.

1/2 Beef @ $1,300: This is what we recommend for the best value and to last a family of four an entire year … that is unless you eat as much beef as we do. It’s roughly 230 pounds.

Want a whole beef? $2,500: This is a deal you can’t pass up!

Maybe you only want HAMBURGER? We have it @ $5.00 a pound, BUT it’s $4.50 a pound for 50 pounds and more, and $4.00 a pound for 100+ pounds (check out the price at your local grocer).


Your Pork Options

We’ve recently added a few Duroc pigs to the farm. This is a breed you don’t find in many commercial herds these days but they are making a come back because of the excellent muscle to fat ratio, which makes for those juicy, tender porkchops and tenderloins … not to mention bacon. I’m going to stop here because my mouth is already watering.

Half a hog @ $350: This is roughly 60-70 pounds of pork and is great if you don’t have much freezer space.

Whole hog @ $650: This is roughly 120-140 pounds of pork. This would last a family of four about half a year.

Other Options

The bees will be buzzing and we’ve now got honey for sale. 12 oz jar for $13.50.

And we have sheep on the farm, and will have lamb available for sale. Please let us know if you are interested in this option as we have started a list and will reach out when they are ready. Thanks!

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