Our Roots

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Callaway County, Nature’s Plow is home to many critters … some wanted and some not so much. For starters we’ve got two wild and fiercely independent boys (ages 2 and 4). They are accompanied by a pack of 4 dogs and more momma cows and calves than they can count right now.

Our boys are particularly fond of the bulls. Here you’ll find a Hereford bull named Sue and he’s truly a gentle giant.

We are primarily a cow-calf operation, which means we are blessed by getting to take care of the momma cows and working to keep them and their calves as happy and healthy as possible. Some weeks this is much easier than others, but it’s always rewarding to know you’re raising quality animals and helping them put their best possible hoof forward.

We practice rotational grazing and stockpiling, again trying to best use what Mother Nature gives us without depleting nutrients and allowing enough time for the grass to recover before reintroducing the cows.

Here on the farm, we are working on a number of initiatives. I’ll list a few of them here and share more details as we progress.

  1. Improving soil quality and pastureland
  2. Planting pollinator habitat
  3. Increasing performance through herd genetics
  4. Growing a heifer development program
  5. Adding value to our product through direct sale to consumers such as yourself

As you might guess, there’s no shortage of things to tackle. It’s our love of the farm and the future we want to build for our family that keeps us inspired and moving forward. We hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to share a little bit of what we love with you.

How We Came to Be

An Indiana pig farmer and a Missouri cattleman hitched up, got married and bought a farm in Montgomery City, Mo, in 2012. That’s how the seed for Nature’s Plow got planted. We love American agriculture and truly believe that family farmers and ranchers are vital to sustaining life on this planet. We have full-time jobs but also work the land because it’s a passion and we want to keep this farm from becoming a statistic in the growing number of farmland acres lost to urban sprawl. We call our little farm Nature’s Plow because nature is the Chief Executive Officer, and we have to work with nature even if she leaves us without any rain or too much snow or if she decides a tornado is a good idea. Nature is our business partner and we are at the mercy of her plow.

Our Philosophy

We support all farming and ranching practices that are rooted in science. We love conventional and organic agriculture. Consumers are blessed to have so many choices at the supermarket. All food is inspected rigorously and is safe, fresh and nutritious when it reaches your family. Make your choices based on personal preference.

At Nature’s Plow, we spot spray thistles and other troublesome weeds that pop up in our pastures. For the most part, nature has been good to our soil and we are working to make it even better. We are also unique in that we let nature plow the soil. We broadcast seed to keep the soil structure and its natural nutrients intact.

When raising livestock, our animals come first. We care for them like members of our family. Like most farmers, we only give antibiotics when an animal is sick or weak — the same way we care for ourselves and for our children.

Our Promise

To provide you with fresh meat that you can trust. Your food will always be fresh from our farm to your table. If you aren’t satisfied, we will make it right.

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