Soggy & Isolated

During the past seven days, we’ve had well over 3 inches of rain. This makes doing chores about like participating in a Tough Mudder — we’re up and down on the tractor taking hay where it needs to be and carrying buckets of feed so the heifers have proper nutrition. By the time we are done, we have mud-spattered faces and mud up to our knees. Even the tractor got stuck, and we had to call in reinforcement to pull us out.

Meanwhile, schools and learning centers are closed in an effort to stymie COVID-19, which means Charley and Henry are in full on play mode. When it’s not raining, we are making the most of our outdoor time and trying to get our electric fence operable. Charley now knows what a HOT fence is but I’m afraid Henry will learn the hard way.

So if we’re not outside, we’re playing “farm” inside with cows, hay bales, cattle chutes and all. And while I was laying there blocking access to the bin full of toy animals, Henry says “Excuse me, Mom.” I didn’t catch it the first time and then he said it again. I was pleasantly surprised as I was not aware he knew this phrase.

Little moments like this make me cherish and thankful for the extra time with the boys and Mike during these uncertain times. We’ve not slowed down but we just don’t have as many things pulling us away, or maybe we now have an excuse to say “no.”

I know this won’t last long, although it might seem so. For now, I’m enjoying the “social isolation” and soaking up the laughs and giggles with these two littles. In the end, we’re all happy and counting our blessings.

One thought on “Soggy & Isolated

  1. Beautiful family! So important to have this, to grow up on a farm. There were 9 of us my folks did exactly what you’ve done. Such memories! God Bless you and your little family and farm. I’ll be praying for you. Keep us updated on how your doing! We raise chickens rabbits turkeys geese quail and hoping to get couple milk goats this spring. I have 12 adopted daughters and 1 Birth son. My girls are from all over the world. I have three disabled but that don’t stop them. They love THE FARM!

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